Rehabilitation and Electrodiagnostics offers our patients a secure “PatientPortal” which gives our patient’s the freedom to obtain information without having to wait on the phone.

To access our patient portal you will need a username and password.

Patient Portal Features:

 Access to Personal Health Records (PHR)

Instant access to your personal health records.

 Request an appointment

Too busy to call us during the day? Just log on to our Patient Portal and request an appointment or an appointment change.

Update your info

If you have new insurance information you need to give us, if your mailing address has changed.
It’s as simple as logging-in and updating.

Request a Prescription Refill

Be sure your patient information includes your pharmacy of choice when requesting a prescription refill.

At Rehabilitation and Electrodiagnostics, P.A. we value and guard your Medical Information. Our practice follows all the Federal Mandated HIPAA laws.